#BBNaija: Gifty Says She Doesn’t Know Who Falz The Bahd Guy Is........Falz Gives Her an Epic Advice (Video)

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Nigerian rapper, actor and songwriter, Falz the Bahd Guy, surprised Big Brother Naija housemates on Monday morning with a visit after his performance at the eviction show on Sunday.
His visit was a special treat to the 13 remaining housemates who were excited to have him in their midst and were captivated as he narrated his journey to stardom.
The 26-year-old musician explained that he did not start his career with comedy as is popularly thought, but has been releasing music a long time before his skits on Instagram made him popular.
He told the housemates that his fame did not come about overnight but was through years of hard work and consistency.
The law graduate then proceeded to ask each of them about their future aspirations.
Gifty who stated that she did not know who Falz was, summarised her dreams in two words “power” and “fame”, prompting the rapper to advise her to stop being fake.
“I think you are very beautiful, but be yourself,” he said.
“I think you should enter your own, there is a character within you that you need to tap into, the actual you.
“This is coming from my own heart, Big Brother did not tell me to tell you this one oh.
“Be you, that is all I have to say to you, just be you.”
Watch below:
During Gifty’s Diary session this evening, Big brother asked her again about Falz’s visit, and she said said. “I really don’t know who Falz is. I even asked Bisola if he is on the same level of popularity as Davido, Tekno” 

Fans immediately reacted to Falz telling Gifty to be herself and also knocked her for saying she didn’t know who Falz is.
someone finally told gifty to be real, thank you falz. I mean her fakeness smells all over the place. She has proper time.
Wait so Gifty doesn't know Falz 😭😂
Gifty never heard a Falz Song I'm sure she will think DonJazzy is a footballer
 even falz knows gifty is faking it.
 falz indirectly spoke 2 gifty about her fake personality...but gift was 2 dumb 2 decode. Hope she changes & really be herself
 I love Wat falz told gifty plz be yourself meaning she should be real than faking all her accent
 It won't b surprising if gifty would say that she doesn't know soma and miyonce again just like she said she doesn't know Falz.
 Gifty gifty gifty, you don't know who falz is?????? You really need to go home please, you know nothing.
Is Falz the president or what😴Y'all better get over it!! It's not a must to know errbody😒Now continue voting for Gifty☺
Some pple are not into music. Gifty doesnt know Falz is not by force. You can like a song without bothering to know the artist.
😨😨😱😱that moment when gifty says she didn't know who falz the badh guy is..... Chai 
Gifty asking if Falz is popular... that she doesn't know him... Ah Gifty you have bitten more than you can chew
A lot of Falz fans would give Gifty a gift this Sunday
I dnt even know why ppl are castigating gifty cos she said she doesn't know falz. 
You all know Gifty is an Eastern mbeke, it's possible she doesn't know Falz.
If gifty claimed not to know falz, then she's a karishika.... That babe can lie for africa
 When I told u guys Gifty wz deported 4rm Vietnam 2 naija 4 being a fake chinois.. Una say I dey Craze. She no knw Falz. Na real wa.

In fact gifty for this negligence/ignorance (not knowing falz) u 


#BBNaija: Gifty Says She Doesn’t Know Who Falz The Bahd Guy Is........Falz Gives Her an Epic Advice (Video) #BBNaija: Gifty Says She Doesn’t Know Who Falz The Bahd Guy Is........Falz Gives Her an Epic Advice (Video) Reviewed by Chiichii Admin on 07:41 Rating: 5

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