Photos : Meet the 2 new Big Brother Naija Housemates

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Big Brother Nigeria introduced two new housemates to the show today making 14 housemates on the Big Brother Naija 2017 See Gobbe show. Meet the new housemates:
DEBIE-RISE: the 13th housemate, entered the Big Brother House tonight with a bang – babe faked a faint that really scared the former housemates.
A self-professed tomboy. It’s clear that she’s always been daddy’s little girl. Growing up she’d help him out often and loved playing sports and staying active. He’s an electrical engineer and she studied Computer Science. Many will remember her as the melanin goddess that came in second on Nigerian Idol.
She speaks both Yoruba and Hausa and is still as active as she was when she was young. From 

football, to dancing, to Taekwondo she’s a bonafide fitness freak with big dreams to take Nollywood by storm. 

BASSEY: comes from a large family but sadly lost his mom seven years ago, something he says was a huge low point in his life.
He learnt to fend for himself from a young age and later studied Theatre at The University of Calabar with Acting as his major. He’s single and believes professions of love that aren’t backed up by deeds are pointless. He loves interacting with other gifted people.


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