Before You Go Ahead To Provide Help As MMM Returns, Take Noteof This! (Very Important)

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Before You Go Ahead To Ph As You Overjoyed Of Mmm Return, Take Note!!!!!

It's no news that MMM Nigeria has resumed their 2nd coming.
They promised they would not go on December break but yet they did and all are glad least they are back to resume 
The new year in grand style. 
But before you start getting over excited about their return it's best you let no selfish person deceive you,
If you still wish to PH and continue, it's your choice but it's good you get an objective truth on what you are going into
Reading the following random points .

1. The new broadcast. MMM in its BC has expressed their appologys over the break and in an attempt to move forward 
Has opened the mavro of its participants. From various participants however not everyone has been allowed to GH from all indications GH is been released in batches and as said on the BC those with bigger amounts which am presuming above 300k or 1M above will be unable to GH now no matter what for now.

2. The idea behind the new broadcast the idea behind 1 above for only those with small PH to be able to GH is definitely based on their current PH amount, no doubt GH still over weighs PH at the moment astronomically 
For example current GH can be like 100M while present GH like 40million 
Note that looking at how people massively PH to GH in December 10 people alone might be able to claim the total PH
Available at the moment, so, what good will it fdo the system if they allow less people to GH(with bigger GH value of even 5M) at the expense of hundreds of people who are to GH less than 200k sef. Remember it's those that put 20k in d system that will cry more cos some borrowed to put. And they form the greater % of participants. 
So, MMM wants 100 footsoldiers to defend them taht dey have gotten their GH rather than just a few who might not hold water.

3/ The reality on ground you can be an optimist or a pessimist about MMM that's your business, but the realist are not a menace to the scheme rather they saying the truth. 
Before you PH know this facts that MMM can never be balanced because of the following points

A. The gap in the system: there is a huge gap in the system, for over a year MMM has been operating and can boast of 3millon 
Nigeria subscribers, let's say each participant have pulled 1niara into the system x by 3M people
That is, a total of 3M has been pledged, note that the system has paid 30% growth rate to each 1N and another 10%
To your referer. Making a total of 40%.
40% of 3M is 1.2M this 1.2M is the gap created in the system, excluding the amount guiders have also incurred 
And the amount that has been paid as salaries to its call centers n agents
All this are from your PH value since MMM has no valid source of revenue.
D more this gap increases the more difficult it is for MMM to remain except their participants keep increasing at an alarming rate.

B. The bait, the bait in the system is on those who PH now. Wen you PH see yourself as resqueing someone from prison only to put
Yourself in prison for the sake of the person you don't know all in the name of helping a community.
Now wen no one comes to bail you you automatically be the prisoner for life.
Take note that all those pressuring you to PH, most of them are in prison(money stuck) they need you to put urself in their place
While they decide whether to continue or put in just a fragment back that may never see to your own release.
Looking at the gap I presented up, in 1 yr, almost 50% of 50 is lost in the system . it is not feasible on the long run.

C. People's mindset. Alot of you believe in d system precariously while some are wise. It's better to kill MMM now n count your loses till the gaop increase n cause financial apocalyspe in the country wen it runs into trillions.
Most people that GH will tell you they will PH but what good is it when you GH of 5M and you PH 50k or even 500k back?
The system MMM is doomed be it now or later.

Mods, let them know their fate n use their brain


Before You Go Ahead To Provide Help As MMM Returns, Take Noteof This! (Very Important) Before You Go Ahead To Provide Help As MMM Returns, Take Noteof This! (Very Important) Reviewed by Chiichii Admin on 17:37 Rating: 5

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